Simplified customer management for 3PLs

Maximise transparency and strengthen your collaboration with shippers with our platform.

3PL Partnership

Spacefill x 3PL: A strong partnership since day one

With experience of managing over 2000 logistics projects, we have always valued our proximity to logistics providers. 
Our 4PL expertise has given us an in-depth understanding of the challenges facing logistics providers

  • The need to stand out in a competitive market
  • Managing logistics project launch times,
  • The challenges of costly EDI projects and the complexity of multiple customers.

We know that working with your customers can be time-consuming, especially as customer expectations continue to rise. That's why we position ourselves as your ally, helping you to overcome these obstacles and excel in your core business: logistics.

Our team of experts

A platform developed by a team of logistics experts

At Spacefill, we firmly believe that technology is only as powerful as the team behind it. As specialists in logistics and experts in working with LSPs, we're not just a SaaS tool - we're your strategic partner

Our team is dedicated to guiding you, helping you maximise efficiency and build customer loyalty. Take advantage of our expertise and reap the full benefits of Spacefill.

No integration required

A solution to add value to your existing Infrastructure

Complementarity with your WMS: Spacefill Start integrates seamlessly with your WMS, automating data import without duplication or redundancy.

Customer-oriented SaaS solution: Designed to meet the specific needs of customers and logistics partners, our platform is positioned at the crossroads of information flows and integrations.

Standardised integrations: With standardised APIs and EDI developed by Spacefill, our solution is adaptable to all your customers, guaranteeing seamless connectivity.

Simple and efficient: Avoid costly and complex migrations. With Spacefill, there's no need to add unnecessary tools or complexity for your teams.

Optimise Your Current Processes: Rather than replacing, we enhance and amplify your existing processes, enabling you to derive greater benefit from them.

Ready to use: Our tool is ready to be deployed, compatible with the main WMS on the market, guaranteeing a quick and efficient start-up.

Key results

Collaboration with Spacefill

Your Performance and Digitalisation Lever


Reduction in order errors


Invoices paid on time


Days to set up

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