Power your customers with Spacefill

A collaboration solution for you and your customers.

Why Spacefill ?

Get closer to your customers with Spacefill

Improve your customer offering

With our platform and connection, satisfying your customers and optimising your business
Thanks to the Spacefill API, allowing all your customers to integrate their ERP without any effort on your part

Differentiate yourself from the competition

Offer transparency and responsiveness with Spacefill's platform

Offer a more sustainable collaboration

Thanks to the creation of our API connection, more flexible and in real time than EDI
Thanks to our modern and intuitive platform, offering an additional management service
Collaborate with all your customers via a single portal.


Turn Your IT into a Competitive Advantage with Spacefill

Collaboration Portal

  • Give your customers direct access to their stock and orders in one place.
  • Thanks to a modern, intuitive dashboard, your customers can place and track their orders in real time, with precise, historical details for each order.
    Data from your WMS is synchronised with Spacefill, providing a clear view of stocks and product references.

Central integrations

  • Our platform is at the crossroads of information flows, with standardised API and EDI integrations, designed by Spacefill for universal application.

Instant Notifications

  • Keep your customers informed with real-time notifications at every crucial stage, including when an order is completed.

Export Options

  • Allow your customers to export this data in Excel or CSV formats, making it easy to integrate into their analysis tools.

Capitalise on your existing WMS

Spacefill has been designed to interact and integrate seamlessly with your existing warehouse management system (WMS). This means that all essential data can be automatically synchronised and made visible on our platform.

No lengthy migration procedures to worry about: benefit from the combined power of your WMS and Spacefill Start.

Eliminate the need to add multiple tools, avoiding overload and complexity for your teams.

Leverage your current processes for a smooth transition and optimum simplicity.

Get on board straight away with a ready-to-use solution tailored to the needs of modern logisticians.


Spacefill: A simple, intuitive web interface to improve your customers' experience

  • One-click view of stocks and orders
  • Automated real-time updates
  • Allocation to specific projects or cost centres
  • Order validation and delivery tracking
  • Real-time notifications for every order update
  • Live preview of the interface showing a clear view of stocks and orders

Quick to set up

1. Connect

Activate the Spacefill <> WMS connector in just a few hours

2. Invitation

Select the customers you wish to invite.

3. Communication

Tell selected customers about our partnership.

4. Training

Our teams train your customers to use Spacefill.

5. Collaboration and full integration

Let your customers integrate their ERP with Spacefill.