The ultimate all-in-one platform for 3PL management


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3PL Management Software - your integrated logistics solution

Seamless Integration

Easily connect to your TMS, WMS, and OMS through our API.

Inventory Visibility

Gain a real-time consolidated view of your entire stock for informed decisions.

3PL Collaboration

Effortlessly manage your logistics providers (3PL) from a single platform for optimal coordination.

Enhanced Responsiveness

Automate your operations for swift responses and avoid mistakes with data reconciliation.

Boost Your Revenue

Take control of your outsourced storage logistics and increase your sales availability.


The first 3PL management platform

A single-connector for all your 3PLs

  • Pre-configured API integration with major WMS, TMS, OMS, and ERP systems,
  • Open API and access to a developer portal,
  • Continuous monitoring and assessment of integrations with WMS and ERP systems,
  • Alerts for issues or malfunctions.

Multi-warehouse inventory management has never been this simple

  • View your current and forecasted stock levels,
  • Track the flow of goods,
  • Avoid human errors by reconciling multi-warehouse stock data,
  • Reconcile orders, invoices, and data in one place.

Collaborate with your internal teams and 3PLs from a single platform

  • Transmit your movement orders through one platform (or your ERP),
  • Manage your carrier appointments,
  • Strengthen collaboration with your partners.

Optimise tasks through our automations

  • Incident management,
  • Workflow management,
  • Invoices management.

Choose your plan

Pricing built for businesses of all sizes


from 500€/month

per warehouse

From 5 orders per month
* price based on number of monthly orders

connected warehouse

Up to 10 3PL

PRO features

  • Real-time cross-warehouse inventory visibility
  • Inventory wizard (provisional inventory, incomplete order alert, etc.)
  • Inventory blocking
  • Incident tracking
  • Address book
  • Invoicing tool
  • Workflow manager
  • Advanced data integration
  • 3-year history

Available options

  • Spacefill API
  • ERP - TMS - WMS integration
  • 3PL contract management
  • Carrier collaboration
  • Carrier appointment management
  • Customised data visualisation

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Up to 50,000 orders per month

Unlimited connected warehouse

Unlimited 3PL

Includes all PRO features


  • Third party partner collaboration
  • Custom data visualisation
  • Custom history range
  • Spacefill API
  • ERP - TMS - WMS integration

Available options

  • 3PL contract management
  • Carrier collaboration
  • Carrier appointment management
  • Customised data visualisation

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